How to Train Puppies : Teach Your Puppy their Name

Teach your new puppy to respond to their name in this free video. Expert: Melanie McLeroy Contact: Bio: Melanie McLeroy co-owns the award winning Taurus Training dog training facility in Austin, Texas. She is also certified in animal CPR and first aid. Filmmaker: EV studios

24 Responses to “How to Train Puppies : Teach Your Puppy their Name”

  1. MissWelseyKelsey says:

    This is great. You should put sonme more videos on :)

  2. CUTIEEXCHAN says:

    i lterally fell asleep!

  3. crazypsychochild says:

    God, this woman’s voice could make paint peel.

  4. Adrian3035lol says:

    @XL962 OK Than you ask him HOW DOES HE TRAIN HIS DOGS??????????????

  5. TechKidd183 says:

    @EclipseSoccerChick You pretty much have to wait . Your puppy will most likely not pay attention her/she wants to explore .

  6. GingerTheCarrotTop says:

    @liklKitten While it does take “a lot” patience, whenever possible (which can “seem” impossible) at times, when he looks at you give him a treat, favorite toy, and lots of positive attention. When you puppy walks off or etc… don’t even call him back in most cases, (because he gets the attention of “you trying to get” his attention) just wait until he’s giving you “his attention.”

  7. Coco8398 says:

    @XL962 have you ever heard of random reinforcement? Once the dog has the general concept of a trick, you then begin to randomly reinforce and after he’s ok with that you then rarely reinforce.

  8. agolden101 says:

    What are good treats for puppys?

  9. brennamelnyk says:

    @unityspirit51 lol, yeah sometimes you have to be cautious of that… like her repeating “good” isn’t suggested.. she should use different terms of a good job other then the word “good”. She could use excellent then the next time use awesome or great, but she shouldn’t constently repeat good, because after a period of time he will think his name is “Barto Good” lol your right.

  10. FvckTheJakes says:

    i used salami for a puppy treat lol?

  11. prismunit11 says:

    is it wrong that my 2 month old puppy takes 10 years to chew his “mini-treat’

  12. RinzSach says:

    how old is that puppy because mine is 4 months but he will never look!!!!!

  13. AndyThomaRock says:

    i like how this was filmed with a calculator….

  14. krayolaLive says:

    @AndyThomaRock i like how calculator’s can film now…

  15. MissBlossom89 says:

    this is SO cute

  16. StevenLou1010 says:

    which pixel is the dog?

  17. CockyR4 says:

    That puppy wasn’t dumb at all lol

  18. Andyshat27 says:

    @RinzSach If you haven’t been able to teach him yet, here is a quick trick. If your dog wants the food (which he should) you can use it to get him to look at you. Put it in your hand near your leg or anywhere not near your face. You can even wave it around. Say the dogs name, then move the treat to your forehead. When the dog looks at you, say good and immediately give him the food. With in a day or two, he should know what is expected and you can continue with the training in this video. GL

  19. mshobknocker says:

    @RinzSach maybe because your puppy is to little right now you should wait till he or she is at least 8 or 9 months :]

  20. Tesorazorz says:

    Love these videos, very informative.

  21. pokyogurl19 says:

    my puppr is 2 months old and knows her name already..yehey!

  22. Gaeilgeoir96 says:

    My puppy is 4 months old and is too thick to respond, eventhough I try so hard. He’s super cute though so it doesn’t matter really.

  23. msipodrocks1 says:

    @WinteRxTear 0:50 ok i’ll come back!

  24. diemunguia says:

    now he’ll think his name is parto and his last name is good -.-

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