Stop puppies biting- clicker dog training

This video is on how to stop your puppy biting you. The technique of clicking the absence of biting was shown to me by my mentor Kyle Rayon, who is one of the most amazing and innovative trainers, though she is very modest! Dogs use their mouths to interact with their environment, so it is normal for a puppy to want to bite your hands or clothes. However in our society it is highly inappropriate. To train a puppy to stop using their mouth when interacting with humans is simple. All you have to do is set up training scenarios where your puppy would normally start biting and train an alternate response- calmly sitting, lying down, standing, or walking with a closed mouth. First you would start with the least arousing game- so simply just a reaching hand. As you reach, click or say “yes” and then feed a treat. As the puppy is successful you can progress to more and more arousing stimulus. You should not allow your dog to be man handled or petted roughly. Petting should not only be rewarding for the human but for the dog as well. However at some point in your dogs life, someone might get to your dog before you can stop them and be overly rough. You can prepare your dog for these situations by playing training games. But when these situations do occur in real life, respect your dog, and get them out of the stressful situation. Do practice handling exercises for grooming as well as vet visits regularly… Tips- These exercises should only be done by ADULTS. As children can

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  1. kikopup says:

    @MileyJonas research Counter Conditioning as well as DRI Differential Reinforcement of an Incompatible behavior. Also read my manifesto that lists all the worrisome side effects of using intimidation to train animals at my website if you are interested in finding out more

  2. kikopup says:

    @Pikafan2132 I dont really know what a childhood ball is, but you can keep the ball out of reach from the puppy- so its doesnt become a reinforced behavior. You can teach the dog the cue “leave it” I have a video on that- just replace the food in the video for the ball. You can do this same exercise- moving the ball instead of your hand and clicking the dog for not going for it. Also make sure your dog has some toys of his own

  3. kikopup says:

    @cutie4sxy I know :( I was really bummed… Ill do another one. I just have so many things I want to do .

  4. kikopup says:

    @CiTayTunEz Hmmm… my neighbor with a huge fat lab said “what you trying to do? make your dogs fat?” and I said “yeah!” too bad all my four dogs are skinny and listen to me and his dog runs away from him to eat old trash in the road. The reason I use treats is because I like the results- not because I think its ‘cute’

  5. YourKrisTube says:

    what do you do when your puppy starts biting when you try to train? Our pup just doesn’t stop, when we sit down like you do in the video she will give us no second without a bite.

  6. kikopup says:

    @YourKrisTube You can pick the puppy up and put him in a pen. Then when the puppy is calm or when the puppy is sleepy begin working on these games- then gradually start to do the games at times the puppy is more and more excited

  7. Jamessiz14 says:

    i tried thiis but it doesnt work.. help :(

  8. The1eviltemptress says:

    @thecandy0079 I have a 6 month old Dalmatian pup so it made the video even easier to read (sneezes, coughs, and chimes and all).

  9. mycraftingbyknight says:

    @kikopup but i have a lab she doesnt really get calm and when ever i sit or any thing shes wants to bite and scratch

  10. mycraftingbyknight says:

    Even if puppies eat alot of treats they burn the fat by running

  11. DawnOfDestructiion says:

    @Jamessiz14 Just wear lots of clothes thats what i do but i hope it doesnt become big =_=

  12. MrBeez74 says:

    @YourKrisTube I think she should teach the dog not to snatch the treat out of her hand first!

  13. MrBeez74 says:

    I think she should teach the dog not to snatch the treat out of her hand first.

  14. ChocolateBrainiac says:

    This helps a lot! I am desperate for help as my Great Dane puppy is growing so fast and getting stronger day-by-day and biting and shaking my bare hands! It hurts so bad and I really think these techniques will help!

  15. carpe661 says:

    my blue nose pitt tried to bite me earlier i smacked him in the nose and he got even angryer so i grabbed him by his harrnest and he wouldnt stop trying to bite me what should i do … he’s only about 5-6 months

  16. Aeolisam says:

    i’ve got a 2 and a half old wolf hybrid mix with lab, i’ve tried several ways to stop it from biting, treats, clickers, whistles, yelping, walking away it’s been a month now and it just doesn’t seem to stop, is there something else i could try?

  17. calliegal235 says:

    5 days ago, we brought a 12 yr old Maltese home to foster. My husband has already encouraged mouthing. I need her to stop mouthing. I hope I can “retrain” her. I do “yelp” and leave the room a few seconds when she mouths me.

  18. calliegal235 says:

    @calliegal235 I should note, she doesn’t mouth all the time. She jumps, grabs my leg, or arm and mouths when she wants me to play the tug game with her. When she is calm, she doesn’t mouth. I can calm her, when she’s excited, by getting her to sit with me and petting her.

  19. Moonspirit08 says:

    My brother has an 8 mo. old Aussie pup who I think is fully grown. However, I don’t think he trained her properly that biting and mouthing the hand are not allowed. She thinks it’s a game when she bites someone. She’ll fly by and jump at, nipping on the way. Or she’ll bite, dart away, and either bark or come back to bite again.

  20. Moonspirit08 says:

    @Moonspirit08 My family doesn’t like it, and it hurts when she bites. Making noise when she bites only makes her more excited, so I gave up on trying that method. I’m going to try conditioning her using some of the methods I saw in this video. However, do you have any other advice that would help me redirect her actions?

  21. DoggyDogma says:

    @CiTayTunEz – Wow so you never feed your dog? Perhaps if you do you could learn how to use the food you are already giving your dog you could use it to your advantage?

  22. carlybean44 says:

    My new puppy has a serious biting problem and we’ve done just about everything to fix it. He is a cattle dog so I understand its part of the breed to bite at feet. However, its gotten to the point that its very painful and he is ripping and tearing up clothes. I tried this method on him briefly, but he got to excited and just wouldn’t stop biting. So I put him in his kennel .Once he calmed, I let him out he became even more hyper than before.
    We’re really stuck on what to do. Please help!

  23. werewolfofzion1 says:

    those bells are really annoying

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